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FULL HD Video Conferencing Camera

Crystal clear in Full HD

Utilising the highest quality sensors and a multi-glass lense, the Blade series delivers class leading optics and crystal clear life like video that makes your video conference feel like you are sitting together in the same room.

10x + 10x Zoom

With a 10x Optical and 10x Digital zoom you can get right into the details, whether it be zooming into to a presenter or classroom whiteboard. The zoom is lossless meaning no pixelation or loss of quality.

Ultra Optix

Utilizing advanced imaging technology,Ultraoptix reduces 3D video noise. The result is a balanced image that renders the image with a clarity and sharpness that creates a more defined image.

Perfect your lighting

Weird backlighting, the room is dark, super bright lights washing out the image? Adjust the exposure, brightness, backlighting and more on screen all via the remote!

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